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  • Baron Baptiste Power Level 1 Training

  • Yoga Alliance International 500 Hour Master Level Training 

  • Francois Raoult Open Sky Yoga Essential Yoga Teacher Training

  • Member of Yoga Alliance

  • Immersion Certification and Teacher Training - Midtown ROC, NY

  • 7,500+ Teaching Hours


Susan shares her blessings and talents through movement and message empowering the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga.  She is gifted at peeling away the layers holding you back in order to activate your best-self.  Her considerate heart, wealth of knowledge and experience are authentically revealed to her students enabling them to make personal shifts toward their own intentions.

Susan is drawn to yoga because of its tremendous impact. Even though she has many certifications and thousands of hours of teaching, her greatest qualifications come from her own personal journey as she empowers others to heal, shift, and progress along their journey to become their best-self.

Dashed Line Circle


"Susan is the real deal!  Always on, always inspiring, always challenging!  I know when Savasana is over, I'll leave with something new to be grateful for... Oh!  And she can fly!"

Jon | Brighton, NY

"Susan is the epitome of a yoga teacher. Yoga's purpose is to unite body, mind, and spirit. In Susan's classes, I feel that each of those parts is attended to, strengthened, and nourished. I leave Susan's class feeling less tense physically, more grounded mentally, and more connected spiritually. Not only that, but Susan embodies the principles that she teaches. She walks the path towards gratitude, humility, and positivity every day. Susan is a constant source of inspiration and I would follow her anywhere."


Lindsay | Arlington, VA

"Susan Smelt is the best yoga instructor I have ever practiced with!  Her "message and movement" platform truly creates a body, mind, and spirit transformation. Her gift of clearly articulating each movement in her unique sequences, make the practices flow with ease and enjoyment.  Her classes always feel so thoughtful - weaving yoga philosophy and sanskrit into each class. Susan has a heart centered, beautiful energy focused on serving others - on and off the mat. I am Yoga certified, and still take as many classes with Susan as I can!"


Janice | Asbury Park, NJ 

"My mat. A place where I can step back into myself.  For many years Susan has been my guide to reconnect, bringing me back to me.  Again and again, I can count on Susan opening that gate door.  I have learned to be stronger than I believe and accept I’m where I should be. Ever so grateful.  Always.

I’m a Never Better Yogi because of Susan Smelt.  Everyone can be. It’s the best place to be. "


Eva | Brighton, NY

"Susan melds both the spiritual and the physical aspects of yoga in a way that I’ve never experienced with another teacher. She’s pure, unadulterated kindness and one of the most loving souls I’ve ever met. At the same time, she’s a remarkable yogi who’s willing to patiently teach you how to nail the most difficult of poses. Every class leaves your soul and your body nourished and wanting more!"


Mark | Rochester, NY

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